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Dream Storyboard - Melissa Skaife
Updated: 5/5/2020
Dream Storyboard  - Melissa Skaife
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Storyboard Description

This storyboard is about a dream I had nearly a week ago. In the dream I had decided to ditch school for a day and instead go to TJ, where my friend goes, for the day. In the dream I would walk around the halls with her, and the time in between bells was around 15 minutes. I met a lot of her friends and her enemies Whenever she had to go to class, I would hide in a stairwell or a bathroom to avoid getting caught. Throughout the whole dream I was very anxious, because I was meeting new people but also because I was afraid of getting caught. The school very much resembled my elementary school and Linganore for some reason. Finally, I decided I couldn't take the anxiety anymore and decided to walk home. The walk home was absolutely gorgeous and was down a windy road with tightrope bridges, hills, forests, and a beautiful sunset scenery. As far as I remember, that was the end of that dream.
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