Exponential Functions
Updated: 4/20/2020
Exponential Functions
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  • Exponential Functions-Jorge Torres-Diego Nael-Eric Quiroga
  • Basically it's a mathematical function in which X is a variable, and is a constant called the base of the function.
  • What are Exponential Functions???
  • Exponential Function ElementsThe base, b, is constant and the exponent, x, is a variable.
  • What is an equation for an exponential function?
  • f(x) = ab^x,where a ≠0, b > 0 , b ≠1, and x is any real number.
  • The domain of an exponential function is all real numbers.
  • What is the domain for an exponential function?
  • What is the range for an exponential function?
  • The range of an exponential function is all real numbers greater than zero.
  • Two uses for exponential functions can be by helping coroners to determine the time of death, and determining carbon date artifacts.
  • Examples of Exponential Functions in real life
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