Updated: 4/1/2020
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  • “Did I really have to do that to become King? What if I’d have just waited? It might have happened anyway. But now, Banquo’s going to know who did it. And to top it all the witches said his son would be King not mine. No, they must die!”
  • "Exelent, But what about Fleance, his son?"
  • "Banquo is dead"
  • “Get back to your grave monster! Banquo’s spirit must be laid to rest. Only the Witches can set me free!”
  • Macbeth realises what he has done. He thinks that he could of have waited to be king and that now Banquo will suspect of him and maybe tell the police. On top of that he remembers what the witches told him about he being king but not his children, Banquo children would be instead. So he decids to go and kill him and his son to protect himself.
  • “Macbeth has come to learn about the future!”
  • "drink this"
  • "I am invencible"
  • The murderers told Macbeth that they had killed Banquo but that his son, Fleance, had managed to scape. Macbeth gets really furious so, he grabs the murderers and throws them into a pit where they will die and rot.
  • “who would have thought the old man to have had so much blood in him?”
  • Macbeth goes into the party wondering where he should sit. Macbeth stares at the chair where he sees a ghostly figure of Banquo with its head hung low. As he approaches, it raises his head and laughs with such evil it chills Macbeth’s bones. No one else can see the ghost. They are looking at Macbeth like he is a madman.
  • “My Lord, My Lord, there is some strange news I have to tell you! I look'd toward Birnam, and anon, methought, The wood began to move.”
  • " You cannot tell me anything that will frighten me! Liar and slave!”
  • Macbeth returns to the windy, wet and miserable moor to seek out the Witches. One ofthe witches gives Macbeth a green liquid wich makes him see lights and sway side to side.He then embarks on a reign of terror which includes killing Macduff's family. Understandably, Macduff is less than pleased and sets out to get revenge.
  • “Beware Macduff, the Thane of Fife!”, “No man born of a woman can harm you!”, “You will rule until Birnam Wood walks to Dunsinane Hill.”
  • Lady Macbeth, paralysed with guilt, sleepwalks. She paces up and down the castle, rubbing her hands, like she can’t clean them. The Doctor and Waiting Woman are horrified. The Doctor rushes to tell Macbeth who is busy preparing for battle with Macduff so doesn’t really pay attention. 
  • Lady Macbeth takes her life by jumping off the roof. Macbeth feels safe in his remote castle at Dunsinane as he remembers what the Witches told him. Suddenly a messenger comes and tells him that the wood began to move. He acuses him of being a liar and threatens the poor boy.
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