Europa 2
Updated: 1/24/2020
Europa 2
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  • He will let us mount him! Come, join me!
  • Okay!
  • Before appearing to Europa, he changed himself into a bull, one beautiful beyond all bulls that ever were. He seemed so gentle as well as so lovely, that the girls were not afraid, and gathered around him.
  • You must be a god! Oh, please, pity me! Do not leave me someplace all alone!
  • You are correct. I am Zeus, the greatest of gods. You have nothing to fear. This is for love!
  • He allowed her to sit on his back, and she called to the others to come as well. She smiled and sat, but her friends, as quick as they were, did not have a chance to sit as Zeus leaped up at full speed towards the sea.
  • The bull flew over the wide water. As he went, the waves grew smooth. Strange sea-gods appeared; Nereids riding on dolphins and Tritons blowing their horns, as well as Poseidon himself.
  • Europa realized this bull was no ordinary bull, but instead most certainly a god. Zeus revealed that she was correct, and told her he was taking her to Crete, where she would bear him many sons.
  • As Zeus had said, they went to Crete. The Seasons, the gatekeepers of Olympus, arrayed Europa for her marriage.
  • Her sons were famous this world and the next. Two of them, Minos and Rhadamanthus, were made judges of the dead and rewarded for their justice. However, Europa's name remains the best known of all.
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