storyboard anglais thibaud clement zian

Updated: 1/31/2019
storyboard anglais thibaud clement zian

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Storyboard Text

  • Once upon a time, a young girl called " the little red hiding hood" was outside with his friends ans she said: "thanks guys but I must go in my grandmother's market" and she went in.
  • But meanwhile, when she was going to her market, her grandmother died by a telekinetic.
  • when the little red hiding hood saw her grandmother's corpse, she called the police. She was terrified and very sad. She cried a lot.
  • After the terrifying event,  the little red hiding hood was looking for the murderer. Two years have passed. One day, she found an another corpse with a strange man. She thought it will be the murderer. It was the same weapon which killed her grandmother.
  • The telekinetic propulsed the little red hiding hood in th air. With her laser in her hands, she pierce the telekinetic who killed her grandmother.
  • When the murderer was killed by the little red hiding hood, the soul of her grandmother and the corpse in the cave went out of the corpse of the telekinetic. Her granmother and the leprechaun revived. She married with the leprechaun and they had a lot of children.