Principles of Economics

Updated: 9/10/2020
Principles of Economics

Storyboard Text

  • Everything is trade-off! I want to eat chick-fil-a but now i cannot have McDonalds.
  • People Face Tradeoffs
  • Hey Emma do you want to go to the carnival with me?
  • If I study I would have to give up the carnival but if I go then I would not do well on my test
  • True cost
  • Rational People think at the Margin
  • How long should I continue to stop wearing my glasses before I damage my eyes?
  • You can buy this used phone for two hundred dollars cheaper then what you would buy in Apple!
  • People respond to incentives
  • Hi China you want mineral fuels?
  • Sure!! Its a win win!
  • Trade Can Make Anyone Better Off
  • Hey US, you want tea
  • Surely there is a better way to move files of course!
  • Markets are Efficient