Final Project : A Midsummer Night's Dream Act 1 Scene 1, Part 1
Updated: 1/20/2020
Final Project : A Midsummer Night's Dream Act 1 Scene 1, Part 1
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  • Oh, my beautiful Hippolyta, our wedding is in four days, but I can't seem to wait until then.The days seem to be passing by too slowly.
  • Go, Philostrate, and call all the people of Athens to celebrate. Let's have fun and forget all the sadness. We don't want it present at our wedding
  • Oh, don't you worry my dear Theseus! You will soon see that four days will pass by pretty quickly.
  • You will see the moon will be shining down on us the day we get married.
  • I hurt you my dear Hippolyta and got you to fall in love with me. Those were hard days for both of us. But now, we will be getting married in happiness and glory.
  • I'm here, very angry to complain about my daughter Hermia. I gave this man, Demetrius permission to marry her, but this other man, Lysander, cast a spell on her and made her fall for him. He pretended to be in love with her.He lured her with all that captures a young person's heart. He stole her heart and made her stubborn and harsh instead of obedient
  • My lord and duke, if she won't agree to marry Demetrius. I shall ask you to let me undertake the right all fathers have in Athens. She belongs to me and I shall do whatever I please with her. Either make her marry Demetrius or have her killed
  • Long live, our beloved and respected Duke Theseus.
  • Thank you, good Egeus. What's the news with you?
  • I wish my father would see them with my eyes.
  • What do you have to say for yourself, Hermia?Think carefully, beautiful young lady. You should think of your father, as a god who sculptured and made you. He gave you your beauty, and he has the power to control you, destroy you, or keep you out of harm.Demetrius is a very great and admirable man.
  • So is Lysander!
  • You're right, Lysander is admirable too, but since your father doesn't want you to marry him. You must consider Demetrius to be better.
  • No, you must see them as your father sees them.
  • Your grace, please forgive me for my words. I don't know what is making me think I can say this, and I don't know if speaking my mind to your noble and powerful presence will damage my reputation.But please, tell me what's the worst thing that could happen to me If I refuse to marry him
  • You will either die or never see a man again. So think carefully about what you want, Hermia. Consider and question your feeling then decide whether you want to be a nun or not.
  • I would rather die than give myself up to someone I don't love.
  • Take some time to think, until the day Hippolyta and I will get married. Then you must decide to either die for disobeying your father, marry Demetrius, or become a nun for the rest of your life.
  • Her father loves you, so why don't you marry him and let me have Hermia.
  • Please give in, dear Hermia.And Lysander stop acting like she is yours. I've got more right to have her than you.
  • I do indeed love him, rude Lysander. That's why I'm giving him my daughter.She's mine and I'm giving her to Demetrius.
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