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Phases of The Fur Trade
Updated: 1/18/2020
Phases of The Fur Trade
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  • Phase 1: The Early Fur Trade
  • Bring the fish here
  • Help! I got fish!
  • LAND!!!!!! I SEE LAND!!!!!
  • Hey! Help me with the net!
  • YESS!!! Finally
  • Sure! Great deal!
  • Well, I have 4 knives. How about these 4 knives for 4 cod fish?
  • We'll trade 3 cod for 3 pots and pans
  • Deal!
  • Phase 2: Expansion Inland
  • CHARGE!!!!!!!
  • Oh NOOOO!!
  • Ha!
  • Haha!
  • In phase 1, fishers from France, Portugal, Spain, and Britain came to North America to fish. It first started with cod fishing. They had no permanent settlements. They only had drying stations called flakes. They would fish cod and trade goods with the Mi'kmaq and the Europeans.
  • Phase 3: Rival Networks
  • Hey!! What are you doing on OUR property???
  • Phase 4: The Drive West
  • WEST
  • EAST
  • In phase 2, Samuel de Champlain established New France when he came to North America. The French and the Haudenosaunee got into war. The Ouendat, who acted as middlemen for the French, were defeated by the Haudenosaunee. This defeat opened up individual job opportunites - coureur de bois, or runner of the woods
  • Phase 5: Monopoly in The West
  • HBC
  • NWC
  • I hereby pronounce the two companies merged under the name of the HBC!
  • HBC
  • In phase 3, a new British company was formed called the HBC. The French fur trade was competing against the HBC. Meanwhile, another job opportunity - being a voyageur (or traveller). A new culture, the Metis, had emerged!!!The Metis is a mix of the First Nations and French/Scottish people
  • Ohh....Well....WE WORK HERE NOW! DEAL WITH IT!!!!
  • HBC
  • In phase 4, New France became a British colony, so the British gained control over the French fur trade. The British had formed a new company called the NWC, so that they could compete with the HBC! With both companies competing, the fur trade was pushed west. The Metis people had settled in Red River, Manitoba
  • We HAVE to move West! There are no more furs where we first established the post! We need more furs, now that we're competing against the HBC AND since we're part of the NWC
  • In phase 5, the two companies were forced to merge under the name HBC. But, there was a decline in the beaver & buffalo population, and the demand of furs for Europe, which had become a problem! All these issues then resulted in the decline of the fur trade which, sadly, had come to an end.
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