Secondary Succession Storyboard
Updated: 2/14/2020
Secondary Succession Storyboard
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  • Forest Fire
  • Soil
  • Pioneer Species
  • A lightning strike has hit the tree creating a forest fire. The climax community is destroyed, most plants have burned and animals have fled.
  • Shrubs & Bushes
  • After the fire, all that was left was the soil. All the organisms were gone. The root of some perennial and surviving seeds from the burnt vegetation are hidden in the soil.
  • Softwood Trees - Pine
  • Native plant species, such as annual plants, like grass start will be the first plant species to reappear following the forest fire. Small animals, such as field mice and squirrels would be some of the first animals to arrive.
  • Climax Community
  • Shrubs and bushes start to grow. They provide food and shelter for many different animals. It takes about 5-10 years for the shrubs to grow.
  • Tall trees like the pine start to grow after a few years. As the community grows, more and more organisms start to arrive.
  • We have finally reached climax community. All the trees have regrown and there is a wide network of diverse plants, animals, and insects.
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