Cold War

Updated: 5/21/2020
Cold War

Storyboard Text

  • August 29, 1949
  • Sir, I have some news!
  • August 29, 1942
  • The Soviet Union has responded to our a-bomb threat by developing their own weapon!
  • Then we will just have to make another weapon, an even bigger one
  • November 1, 1952
  • We made the atomic bomb by splitting atoms, but we will make a more powerful bomb, the hydrogen bomb, by combing atoms
  • Finally, we’re back in the lead of this nuclear arms race
  • November 22, 1955
  • Tell the people. We must be prepared for nuclear war.
  • Sir! The Soviets just developed their own hydrogen bomb!
  • November 22, 1955
  • Breaking News: All Americans must be prepared for Nuclear war!
  • November 22, 1955
  • Build and stock a bunker just in case. Report your neighbors if they may be communists