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Samantha work nti12
Updated: 3/27/2020
Samantha work nti12
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Revolutionary war

Storyboard Text

  • Protest
  • French and Indian War
  • Proclamation of 1763
  • Sometimes colonists protested to show that they were mad and wanted change. When you protest it means that you disagree with something that someone said or believes.
  • The Proclamation Line
  • The French and Indian War was a war between France and Britain to claim the Ohio River Valley. The British won because of there debt. British had at least 3.4 billion dollars they owed of debt.
  • The Quartering Act of 1765
  • The proclamation of 1763 was when colonist could not settle west of the Appalachian mountains. This land was now the Indians.
  • The Stamp Act of 1765
  • These stamps are high.
  • The proclamation line was a boundary line that did not allow colonists to settle west is the app. Mountains.
  • In the Quartering Act colonists were ordered to provide food,shelter,fuel, and transportation for the British soldiers. This made colonists mad because they knew this meant that they had to take care of the soldiers!?!?
  • The Stamp Act of 1765 was when American colonists were taxed on anything printed on paper, payment was show by stamping the document.
  • Come get your stamp for ALL paper material.
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