Updated: 1/14/2020
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Miguel Goldy Abordo XI - Mangin

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  • Whenever you're available, just go to my office. Remember that as your Professor, you can always approach me.
  • Hey Berlin are you alright? I've noticed that your grades are getting low lately and Helsinki told me that you punched him just because the team lost the game... Is there any problem?
  • Uhmmm I really don't know what is happening to me Professor. I'm so sorry. I don't know what to do
  • I'm glad you came. How are you Berlin?
  • Is there something bothering you?
  • Oh I see... Just think of this way Berlin, every thing that happens in your life, specially at your age are just part of the process for you to develop as a whole person.
  • I really need your help Professor. I swear to God that I didn’t mean to punch Helsinki and I just don't know why my grades are getting low.
  • Uhmmm the thing is... Tatiana and I just broke up 4 days ago.
  • Moving on might be difficult, but you need to rest your thoughts. Remember that your thoughts influences your feelings.
  • Yes... But later on that feelings of yours will affect your behaviours
  • Exactly Berlin! That’s why you must control your thoughts in order for you to control your actions.
  • Indeed Prof.. Very difficult. It makes me sad and the same time, angry with myself
  • Ohhh now I understand. It was my thoughts after all that made me act this way
  • Dumb Pilot!
  • The hell is happening!? We're already 5 min delayed
  • I'm gonna kill that Pilot!
  • Idiot!
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, I Captain Berlin would like to apologise for the delay of our flight. I know it was a rough day, but we were just following the mandates of the safety operation unit of the airline. We need to double check every detail of the plane in order to assure safe travel. Once again I would like to apologise for the delay. May God bless our flight.
  • I'am very proud of you Berlin! Our airlines' best pilot! Thank you for your maximum tolerance for the passengers. I hope many people will not be easily carried away by their feelings like you
  • Thanks Mr. Palermo! Managing your thoughts is the yoke to control one's feelings and behaviours
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