natural selection
Updated: 12/17/2019
natural selection
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  • Variation of Bunnies
  • Larger Bunnies Thrive
  • Smaller Bunnies Decrease
  • There is variation in this large population of bunnies because some are larger while others are smaller. There are 11 smaller bunnies and 12 larger bunnies all of different colors.
  • Heritable
  • Currently, there are only four smaller bunnies, while there are 10 larger bunnies. As you can see, the larger bunnies started to thrive better than the smaller bunnies. The larger bunnies are skinnier and faster making it easier for them to get away from predators.
  • Advantage
  • Now there is only one smaller bunny and 20 larger bunnies. Due to this sudden decrease in smaller bunnies, that allowed for more larger bunnies to be produced.
  • Natural Selection
  • we are better than you
  • Due to the fact that the larger bunnies were thriving, no more smaller bunnies were created because they were not surviving. Parent bunnies passed on the larger and skinnier trait to their offspring.
  • The larger and skinnier bunnies are able to get away from the predators faster than the smaller bunnies. This is a reproductive advantage because they are able to survive longer and thus be able to produce more advantageous bunnies with this gene.
  • Overall, the variation in the initial large population of bunnies allowed for more larger and skinnier bunnies to be produced. This means that the parents had passed on the allele making them faster and able to get away from predators. After the population of smaller bunnies had been eliminated, there were no more possibles traits of smaller bunnies to be passed on. Then the faster bunnies were able to survive against others.
  • I know.
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