Updated: 4/7/2021

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  • The Zapatistas were formed in 1983 by a guerilla group in the Mexican state of Chiapas.
  • The name "Zapatistas" is after Emilio Zapata, a Mexican war hero. The Zapatistas also adopted his famous phrase "tierra y libertad", which means "land and freedom"
  • The Zapatistas are very connected to Mother Earth, and corn is a big staple in their identity. Corn is native to Chiapas and the indigenous people of this area, where the Zapatistas descend from, have been harvesting it for centuries.
  • The Zapatistas fight for the rights of indigenous peasants living in Chiapas who are treated unequally by the government. 
  • Their ideology is termed "Neozapatismo", which mixes political stances of libertarian socialism, anarchism, and Marxism to oppose the government's oppression of its lower-class citizens.
  • The Zapatistas also value gender equality, and women have been fighting alongside men ever since Emilio Zapata's army in the Mexican Revolution.
  • The Zapatistas have inspired many other indigenous movements around the world. The tension between the Mexican government and the Zapatistas is still present, however there has been efforts to reduce these tensions.