The house on Mango Street
Updated: 6/22/2020
The house on Mango Street
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  • As a kid, I was always inspired by inventors who created things to help others. My dad is Sal and he works at an electronic store. I remember going to work with him sometimes and being so fascinated by everything that he did. Whether it was to fix a broken screen or to work on a motherboard.
  • I always knew I wanted to invent something that would change the world. An idea came to me while I was in an engineering class in high school. It was of an AI protective dog. It would be called TAU. When this idea came to me. I started to work with the idea that I had and as the invention began to start so did the ideas.
  • After I finished high school I decided to work full time on the TAU. After about a year, I had the first model of TAU but it had some issues that I worked the next month on to fix. If I didn’t have patience I doubt I could have gotten this far. I started to take my TAU on test runs and it worked pretty well.
  • TAU can be very helpful to stop crimes and lower crime rates. After about a year with TAU I finally pitched the idea. And all the investors agreed. I explained TAU only listens to the owners commands. The TAU comes with a chip that you put your fingerprint on and then the TAU recognizes you as its owner. The TAU’s goal is to protect its owner.
  • It was the day of the my big interview to reveal TAU. I was so nervous because I didn’t know what people would think of my idea. I was being interviewed by the best of the best in the shining kingdom, news reporter Elina Kimora. The interview went great and better than expected.
  • After the interview, I became one of the richest people in the shining kingdom. It seems so unreal it feels like it was just months ago that I was in that class and the idea of TAU came to me. It’s crazy how fast someone’s life can change. Now, statistics have shown that crime rates have dropped. Now, my name Michael will be remembered for decades.
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