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DD air pollution story board 3
Updated: 2/19/2020
DD air pollution story board 3
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Storyboard Text

  • scene 1 - duration : 30seconds
  • Honey, it's because of air pollution
  • mommy, why is dad being taken away in an ambulance?
  • *mom goes on to explain what air pollution is*
  • scene 2 - DURATION : 1 minute
  • but mommy what is air pollution?
  • scene 3 - durarion : 1minute
  • heys guys, my dad is sick and is because of air pollution!
  • *kid goes on to explain the whole story and what is air pollution*
  • this scene will start with a kids Dad hospitilized because he cant breathe from the air pollution. The message about air pollution will be conveyed through a story.
  • scene 4- duration : 30seconds
  • hey guys, this is not cool. his dad should not be in the hospital because of air pollution! air pollution shouldn't even be happening
  • in the second scene the curious little child will ask his mom what air pollution is , then his mom will go on to explain what it is and how it is harming the enviorment
  • scene 5 - duration : 45 seconds
  • The next day the kid will tell all of his friends about what has happened to his dad. then he will go on to explain what air pollution is to all of his friends.
  • scene 6 - duration : 15 second
  • his friends being concerned for his father and devastated will decided to help the kid spread awarness so no one else sufferes like the kids father.
  • This needs to stop! what if we start spreading awareness on air pollution os no one else gets sick like your dad
  • we are so sorry to hear that!
  • Next, all of the kids will start protesting and spread the message about how airpollution is a serious matter.
  • We need fresh air
  • HELP US!!
  • the very last scene will be a glimpse in the future of what our earth could like with a bit of awarness and Love!
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