Updated: 2/11/2020

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  • Why was this town established
  • We should expand England's territory.
  • Great idea guys
  • Yes I agree we should also find gold and other riches.
  • Problems
  • But we don't know how to plant crops
  • We are going to have to bring you businessmen on the trip to Roanoke.
  • What would you fix
  • We should go and give the people supplies so they can survive.
  • I agree!
  • They wanted to expand England's territory and find gold and other riches.
  • The first time they went they did not take any farmers so buissness men had to come and farm but there was no success because the land was hard for farming. The second time John White took the second group and they still didn't find any riches.
  • I would tell Sir Walter Raleigh to go back to his colony and bring some supplies or his colony might leave him and he won't be able to find them.