Natural Selection
Updated: 3/31/2020
Natural Selection
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  • There are two different elephants. There are elephants with tusks and ones without.
  • The elephant with no tusks had an advantage because they weren't targets to poachers and had more access to food because they weren't being hunted/killed.
  • The elephants with tusks eventually most died out because they were killed by the poachers or didn't have enough resources because they were running from the poachers
  • Because the tusk-less elephants were most of the elephants that lived, they began to procreate more like them
  • Once the offspring grew up, they were able to keep on creating elephants just like them and had food because they didn't have to be afraid of the poachers.
  • Because not every elephant with tusks dead, some could of the tusk-less elephants procreate offspring with tusks. There is a slight chance of this happening
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