How Buddhism Started
Updated: 12/20/2019
How Buddhism Started
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  • can that happen to me
  • yes that happens to all of us
  • thank you
  • Go tell everyone about my teachings!!!
  • This how Buddhism started and spread. It started when there was this Hinduism prince named Siddhartha he had never ever gone outside the his palace. He was forced to stay there because this guy said that if he left something would bad would happen. So his parents never let him out. One day one of his friends came to visit him. Siddhartha asked ¨ him why he had to leave if he can stay and have everything done by some one else.¨ Then his friend said " I have a job and other things outside of this palace. Do you want to come with me to the outside world and see its beautiful things it has to offer. ¨ Then Siddhartha agreed and they left. When Siddhartha went outside and sees and sick man. He ask his friend if that can happen to me. His friend said yeah. so they kept on walking and they see this old guy and Siddhartha asked can that happen to me. His friend yes to all of us. then they walked for a little while more until they stopped at this house and saw casket being brought out so they can take it to a funeral. Then Siddhartha asks if that can happen to me. Then his friend answers and says it happens to all of us. Then they returned to the palace and Siddhartha wanted to find the true meaning of life. So a few years pass and he´s married and has kids. But then he decides to take a long journey to find the true meaning of life. He travels to so many different places and he joins monks. He goes to a cave and a little girl goes up to him to give him a bowl of rice. He found so much joy in it even though it was something so little it brought he joy because he was starving himself. Then he went off and he sat under a tree because he was meditating for about one week or so. After the big journey he found the true meaning of life and got the 4 noble truths. After finding the 4 noble truths he started preaching to word of dharma. He got up and went back to his palace but on the way he saw the monks that had kicked him out. He went up to them and explained everything braham had told him and explained about dharma. Then the monks became one of Siddhartha's first followers. They returned back to the prince palace and they spread the word of dharma. For the rest of his 80 years he spread the word of dharma. After a while his preaching became famous and spread to other places. That's how Buddhism started.
  • Siddhartha´s friend takes him outside of his palace and he sees a old man and Siddhartha is asking his friend if that can happen to him.
  • Siddhartha is in a cave trying to figure out the true meaning of life. A little girl goes and gives him a bowl of rice and he finds joy in it.
  • Braham is telling Siddhartha to go back to his kingdom and tell the whole world about his teachings.
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