Mr. Norman's grammar post
Updated: 9/23/2018
Mr. Norman's grammar post
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  • "I wonder why the English language needs phrases and clauses?"
  • "You see phrases are a group of words used in a single part of speech. Clauses can be independent or dependent and they construct our sentences."
  • "Did you know that semicolons and colons are used for multiple things in the English language as well? Semicolons are used to join two clauses and colons are used to join a main clause with a noun."
  • "I've also learned that 'dependent' clauses depend on independent clauses because, dependent clauses are not complete thoughts. They rely on the independent clause to form a sentence."
  • "How do subordinating conjunctions work?"
  • "Subordinating conjunctions work with dependent clauses to establish the relationship with the rest of the sentence."
  • "There's no question about it, the English language uses all of these principles." "Sometimes there is question about the English language, but it makes sense.
  • "There could be some confusion, due to there being so much to remember." "Semicolons and colons are used a lot, this is part of the English language." "Subordinating conjunctions are the same way, they are frequently used." 
  • "The last thing we should review is how semicolons and colons are used. Colons are used when there is going to be a list. For example, "Ben's grocery list: grapes, chips, milk and coffee." Semicolons are used
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