my draft
Updated: 11/3/2020
my draft

Storyboard Text

  • Maliah and her friend's families can't pay for their homes because the price got raised. She see's a qwishin and knows what she has to do.
  • The qwishin freezes Maliah and quickly disappears
  • She's gonna get me and my family!
  • I need my revenge.
  • Sorah builds a fire and saves Maliah and she finds something
  • She tells her friend Sorah at school
  • We have to leave or the gwishin will kill us and our families
  • They return home to their parents with all the money they need for their homes
  • I will kill anybody who lives in the house that I died in. Probably their ancestors who killed me.
  • The qwishin follows them and haunts them
  • Hahaha! they are doomed. I have fulfilled my task and I can move on now.
  • I'll make a fire
  • Maliah!
  • Thanks for saving me
  • Hey look the qwishin is gone! it also left something behind...
  • We are back and we found a chest of diamonds to pay for the house!
  • Sorah!
  • Maliah!