Mia Flynt

Updated: 5/12/2020
Mia Flynt

Storyboard Text

  • "Mommy this bathroom is sooo gross, we need to hurry" said Lucy. "Honey dont worry our bodys have a natural line of defense against these icky germs". "Line of defense?" Lucy said. "Let me explain" mom explained.
  • "Okay mommy will you explain now?" "Sure honey, so it all begins when a bad guy also known as a antigen enters your body. Before he can even enter your nose hairs and skin are already protecting you."
  • "Like a knight?!" exclaimed Lucy. "yes exactly like a knight, but your body also antibodies which are like the knights army." " if the bad guy defeats the knight and gets into your body the army antibodies will fight him off"
  • "Keep going mommy, I want to know everything about Line of Defense" "Okay well theirs plenty to learn, so then the army needs more help defeat the huge monster so they call the b cells for back up"
  • "what happens next?" said Lucy. "Well then to warn the King, the army sends off a alarm called inflammation, so the king gets this warm feeling telling him something is wrong. "
  • "If your army is strong enough than it will fight off the bad monster and protect the king, which is our body in the whole story of natural line of defense" said mom. "Wow that is all going on inside my body, so cool!" said Lucy.