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Updated: 1/9/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Treaty of Versailles
  • Hitler
  • The Rise of Dictators
  • This treaty, ultimately ended WW1 was signed on June 28, 1919. The "Big Four" dominated the treaty proceedings which included the US, Great Britian, Italy, and France. Their decision resulted in Germany being affected the most.
  • Worldwide Depression
  • Hitler became chancellor of Germany in 1933, he could then finally start his plan of kiling all the Jews and manipulated the hearts of the German people to believe and worship him.
  • Axis Alliance
  • Due to Countries vulnerability after the war, certain governments were easy to conquer. Such as Germany (Adolph Hitler), Italy (Benito Mussolini), and Soviet Union (Jospeh Stalin). These dictators main goal was to control their nation by force.
  • Mussolini
  • Another cause of WW2 was depression all around the world during the 1930s. Depression hit the hardest in Germany. Millions of people had lost their jobs and the economy was near collapse.
  • The Axis Alliance were composed of three countries: Germany, Italy, and Japan. They fought against the Allies.
  • Mussolini became the 40th Prime Minister of Italy in 1922. He was later executed in late April 1945, when he tried escaping Switzerland until he was captured and killed near Lake Como by Italian Partisans.
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