AP Psych
Updated: 1/12/2021
AP Psych

Storyboard Text

  • Researcher
  • The Unconditioned Stimulus is the shock from the shock collar and the Unconditioned response that was caused by the shock was the flinch
  • Now that we have put the shock collar on you I am gonna shock you once
  • Mary (Subject)
  • Mary Flinches*
  • The Neutral stimulus is the Phone ringing, without conditioning, the phone ringing does not cause Mary to Flinch
  • Mary Doesn't flinch when the phone rings
  • Phone Rings*
  • Researcher shocks Mary*
  • The neutral stimulus (the phone ringing) + the unconditioned stimulus (The shock) cause the unconditioned response (The flinch)
  • Now, every time the phone rings, the researcher will shock Mary
  • hs
  • Mary flinches*
  • Now, when the phone rings, Mary will flinch without the researcher shocking her
  • The Conditioned stimulus( the phone ringing) causes the conditioned response (The flinch)
  • h
  • Mary Flinches*
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