Paul the Apostle
Updated: 5/8/2020
Paul the Apostle

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  • 'Listen to the Word of God and you will be saved!' 
  • You aren't a prophet! You shall be blinded by the Lord!
  • They are gods! Stone them!
  • Before conversion, Paul, born in Tarsus, was a prosecutor of Christians. He found ways to get them thrown in jail, beaten up or even killed... until one day when he was called upon by the Lord. 
  • We don't care if we get imprisoned! As long as people know about God- He will deliver us!
  • Praise the Lord!Thank you!
  • On this day, Jesus called to Paul asking him why he was acting this way towards His followers. Jesus then sent down a bright light, brighter than the sun, upon Paul and blinded him for three days. When Paul could see again, he decided to listen to God and spend his whole life telling people about God and Jesus. This is called a missionary.
  • Paul went on four missionary journeys in total, beginning with his first one around 45 AD. Along this journey, Paul and his accomplice Barnabas were mistaken for gods in Iconium, and nearly stoned to death, having to flee. Additionally, the duo sent a false prophet blind on Paphos because of their ignorance to the teachings of Jesus.
  • On his second missionary journey, he and his accomplice argued and split their paths, taking an evangelist with them. Along Paul and Silas the evangelist's journey, they get imprisoned for 'harassing' others. Shortly after they were imprisoned, there was a violent earthquake and the prison doors flew open, everyone’s chains came loose. Additionally, Paul revisited a couple places and met the first Christian in Europe- Lydia
  • On his third missionary journey, Paul taught about Jesus through services. In one service in Troas, a man fell asleep during a service, fell out of a window in the three-story building and died. Paul then embraced him, and he was alive. On his return to Jerusalem, a man named Abagus bounded his own hands and feet with Paul’s belt to demonstrate what would happen to him if he returns to Jerusalem.
  • Throughout his missionary journeys, Paul was writing letters telling people about God and Jesus that were integral to establishing to Christianity. He wrote letters to the Gentiles and about the Law, Church issues and letters from prison. Paul lived a dedicated life and was integral to Christianity. He was decapitated after his fourth missionary journey around 64 CE.