Unknown Story
Updated: 12/18/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Exposition
  • We need to create a new way of life....Animalism!
  • Rising action
  • Climax
  • Old Major describes that they should start a revolution against Mr. Jones because they are being mistreated and malnourished. Soon after his speech the animals get their hopes up and start to revolt against Mr. Jones and in fact all humans. When Old Major dies soon after his speech two pigs, Napoleon and Snowball, step up to continue his work. Napoleon and Snowball then make a government where all animals are equal.
  • The pigs begin reading and writing to become smarter. They also start teaching the younger animals on the farm to read and write. They also begin to write the seven commandments to help the animals obey Animalism and understand it. Everything was going well until the thirst for leadership overwhelmed Napoleon and he use his dogs to chases Snowball out of the farm.
  • Napoleon, as leader of the farm, makes new laws to cancel all meetings and makes the pigs in charge of the whole entire farm. The animals are not completely equal anymore and Napoleon become more and more paranoid everyday that someone will try to overthrow him. 
  • Napoleon began to blame Snowball for everything that went wrong on the farm including the windmill. He also begins to overwork most of the animals and braking and changing the seven commandments.
  • The animals realize that they were better off with Mr. Jones and things are getting worse and worse. The pigs are becoming tyrants and are clearly breaking the commandments. They also continue to over work the animals.
  • The pigs are acting so much like humans that they can't be told apart from them. The pigs ended up taking over and Napoleon made the farm way worse than Mr. Jones did.
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