Unknown Story

Updated: 9/6/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • There are to aboriginal girls down a the local lake with there dog and it is early in the morning so there is a beautiful sunrise
  • The girls dog starts to act really wired barking at the sea like if there was something there then a white dove flew above them as a symbol of Peace
  • They see the snakes and walk back slowing as it was there first time seeing this mysterious creature and wasn’t to sure on what to do then they start hearing a crocking noise of a frog Coming from the water
  • The snake stops moving and stares at them but didn’t hurt them it was like if the snake didn’t want to harm the girls by this time the sunset has gone and it is a clear sky
  • The girls stayed there with their dog as the listen to the water and the waves crashing against each other and still no animale had harmed them like they were friends
  • The girls had stayed the for most of the day and it had got dark so they’re going back home with there dog