Updated: 4/6/2021

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  • should I go to the beach today? Hmm it's a pretty hot day, let's go why not.
  • Oh shoot! i'm all out of sunscreen.
  • It's alright, earlier on tv I saw a new sunscreen commercial that looked that would be perfect for my sensitve skin, I was really intrigued, i'm going to the store to get it.
  • WOW! this sunscreen is unbelievable , it stays on you for 15 hours, and it's water resistant, advanced protection for all activities.
  • That's right! AKsunscreen has all the features you need in a sunscreen at a reasonable price $ 7 and in a compact bottle.
  • I can't wait to try it out!
  • By far this is one my favorite sunscreens, goes on easy, sinks in within two minutes, lasts enough that I can usually just reapply once throughout the day.
  • I need AKsunscreen! NOW!!!
  • No problem, I know,
  • Thanks! great sunscreen.