Unit 3 storyboard
Updated: 4/1/2021
Unit 3 storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • During the 1799 Coup d'Etat of Directory, Napoleon & his troops kick most of the members out of the national legislature. After this, Napoleon establishes himself as the 1st consul, and by 1804 he crowns himself Emperor.
  • 1804 Crowned Himself Emperor
  • I am, Napoleon Bonaparte, and I now crown myself as emperor!
  • Italy: You will never get ahold of our ports Napoleon, you will be stopped.
  • Napoleonic Wars
  • Prussia: Russia is much larger than you Napoleon, I give it three years and you'll be exiled!
  • Napoleon decides to lead war against England, Austria, Spain, Italy, & Russia. In a successful breach he conquers Spain, Italy, & Prussia to obtain ports, trade, and money.
  • Spain: I surrender...
  • There is nothing you can do. I will have full power of Europe , England and Russia are next!
  • Russia & England
  • As Napoleon tries to conquer Russia and England at an attempt to get full power of Europe, he is stopped by them, as Russia and England are to powerful for Napoleon and his troops to conquer.
  • I will be back after I buy territory from the U.S. and take you guys down!!!
  • England: Ah Napoleon, so so Foolish.
  • Russia: Go home Napoleon, Go home!