First exam
Updated: 1/7/2020
First exam
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  • Hi guys! do you know if today we are going to have our exam's solutions?
  • Hi Micaela! I hope no. It was our first exam of Latin and I don't think I went very well.
  • Guys relax, don't panic! Another teacher told me that today Marcela, our teacher is not going to come to the school, so we are ok!
  • Guys! Marcela is coming and she looks a little bit angry.
  • Good morning class. I have the results of your first exams of Latin. I have to say that I am very sad because I thought that your would be bettar than this.
  • This was the fist time I took an exam of Latin. It is a subject that is very dificult so I was really afraid. A classmate told us that the teacher was not going to come to the class, so we were really happy for that!
  • Micaela Garrido, can you please come here darling?
  • Mmm, maybe I was not so bad as I though
  • But then, another classmate came and told us that she saw Marcela, our teacher. I was really afraid, I did not want to fail on the exam.
  • I am sorry darling but you had failed.
  • When the teacher came into the classroom she looked very upset, she told us that the results of the exams were really bad and only a few of us were good. I felt really sad when she said my name and gave me my exam. I was failed.
  • When she called me, she had a smile on her face, plus she called darling, so I thought that maybe there was hope after all.
  • I felt so sad. I felt that I was going to cray at any second. So I told her "thanks you" and I asked if I could go outside a minute. I needed a minutes for myself.
  • When I was outside of the class I started cried like a baby!I was like this for a while, until I calmed myself and started to think that I was going to to have another opportunities of get better.
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