Galileo Galilei

Updated: 3/8/2021
Galileo Galilei

Storyboard Text

  • In 1581..
  • He used his improvised telescope and he suddenly noticed something..
  • Do you know that Aristotle is wrong that Science is explained just through Logic?
  • This might not sound right but dropping 2 different weights at the same height accelerate at a same rate
  • How? What do you know?
  • The heavy one will surely lands first!
  • 1lb
  • It is Not True!
  • 100lb
  • They went to the Tower of Pisa to prove that Galileo was right
  • See? Do you believe me now?
  • You're better than Aristotle
  • That's amazing!
  • Wait What? How did it happen?
  • Galileo went to the Church to prove that Geocentric Theory is wrong. He brought his telescope with him as an evidence.
  • In 1609, Galileo began to study the heavens. He wanted to observe the space, but didn't have an equipment.
  • Now, I can examine the space and discover lots of things !
  • Aha! I should use different magnifying objects to create a telescope!
  • I also want to know if Copernicus's theory is true and accurate.
  • In short, Geocentrism is all made up!
  • so.. that means.. AH! Not all Celestial objects orbit the Earth!
  • Wait a minute, this planet doesn't revolve around the Earth! Thus, its moon orbits around it.
  • I should go to the Pope and confirm that Heliocentrism is right!
  • The Sun neither rises nor sets. The Earth is orbiting the Sun
  • I also noticed that the Earth isn't fixed at the center of the universe, but the Sun is!
  • The Church is always right, so you should not share your observations to the public or you will be tortured. Got that?
  • So, you're saying that the Church is wrong?
  • I made a telescope to discover new things in space and I saw the Earth revolving around the Sun
  • Technically, yes. My observation is the proof that the Sun is the center of the universe.
  • But--okay.