modal verbs historieta
Updated: 5/23/2020
modal verbs historieta

Storyboard Text

  • possibility
  • Can you repair this flat tyre?
  • good morning don pedro
  • if with pleasure
  • good morning rosita
  • obligation
  • Ready I pick you up son
  • hello son
  • I leave early should pick me up?
  • hello father
  • future
  • Andres tomorrow will be ready the new cinema we go?
  • if Isabel we go I’m dying to see how I look
  • moral advice or duty
  • hello teresa time not to see her here
  • you should work more often in the bar?
  • Michael like this, just for today doing a shift
  • permission
  • if daughter but do not delay
  • Dad, I can go out with my friends for ice cream?
  • supposition
  • hello daniel here seeing that max’s father still works
  • hello July time without seeing
  • if next week I’ll be an administrator
  • A good, see you later July
  • Max’s father might retire soon, he is almost 60.