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Updated: 2/22/2019
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  • Some of the light didn't go through so he realized there were positively charged particles in the centre of the foil.
  • since some of the light went all the way through the foil, he thought that there must be some empty space in the foil.
  • His Model
  • google
  • Ernest Rutherford and the gold foil.
  • Sources
  • He wanted to see what would happen if you shine positiveley charged light through gold foil.
  • Rutherford thought that there was a nucleus in the center of the atom with positivley charged cells in it. He also discovered that there was empty space allowing the light to get through. All around the outside of the atom were negativley charged particles that go on different paths around the nucleus called shells or orbits.
  • Rutherford contributes to the atoic theory
  • His experiment showed that the atom has small particles positivley charged in the nucleus with the negativley charged electrons being around the nucleus. Neils Bohr was inspired so he made his own model. (
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