The Water Cycle
Updated: 10/4/2018
The Water Cycle
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  • Hey, I'm Blue the water droplet, and I'm going to be showing you the steps of the water cycle, and what happens along the way!
  • The first stage of the water cycle is evaporation. In case you don’t already know, evaporation is when water is turned from a liquid to a gas due to the heat of the sun. When evaporation occurs, it has a cooling effect on its surroundings. After i evaporate, i begin to rise up into the sky.
  • After I have turned into a gas due to evaporation, I then start to rise up into the atmosphere. Once I get high up in the air, I start to cool and condense onto particles of smoke, or really anything floating around up there. Once I have been able to condense into a cloud, I release my energy into my surroundings, having a warming effect.
  • As I am a cloud, I start to move around in the atmosphere. Eventually, once enough of my friends have joined me, we all clump together into a single water drop and we fall back to the Earth together; this is known as precipitation.
  • When we make our way back down to Earth, along the way, we do come in contact with some impervious surfaces. This is runoff. From these impervious surfaces, we usually like to go back into various water storage areas, such as a lake or a river, since we cant seep through impermeable things like concrete. If we cant find a lake that is close by, we will seep into the ground.
  • If we don't land on an impervious surface, we will land on permeable surfaces. If we are first, then we will infiltrate the soil very quickly, because there are no other water droplets in the ground. However, as more and more of us start to come into one large area, some of us can't make it into the ground, because it has already reached maximum infiltration capacity. 
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