Unknown Story
Updated: 2/17/2021
Unknown Story

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  • God I'm so rich it hurts. Seeing all these peasants makes me angry!
  • What are you doing on my property peasant!?
  • Where have the things you now possess come from? If you say they just spontaneously appeared, then you are an atheist
  • I got all this land myself.
  • Why are you wealthy while that other man is poor?
  • I actually do not know.
  • When you hoard all these things in the insatiable bosom of greed, do you suppose you do no wrong in cheating so many people?
  • You are right, I am an awful greedy person!
  • And are you not a man of greed? are you not a cheater? taking those things which you received for the sake of stewardship, and making them your very own?
  • I will never be like that again. I am sorry. I'll donate more to the poor.
  • That is right my son. You finally see Gods light.