Skin Cancer 2
Updated: 5/9/2020
Skin Cancer 2
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  • Whats the difference between them. Aren't they all just the same thing.
  • First is melanoma, the deadliest of all.
  • It can occur it any areas that have had sporadic heavy sun exposure, is usually asymmetrical, irregular borders, and various shades.
  • Next up is squamos cell carcinoma. This is seen more in southern states and usually around the age of 40. It is typically a scaly, reddish sore.
  • And finally we have basal cell carcinoma. This is very similar to squamos cell except that it is more pink and looks like a sore or a scar.
  • Thanks for the information man. I'll remember this any time i'm out in the sun.
  • No problem. Just doing my part in spreading awareness.
  • *cough cough*
  • Umm speaking of spreading stuff I uhhh gotta go. Bye!
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