The story of GHALAS-AT
Updated: 2/6/2021
The story of GHALAS-AT

Storyboard Text

  • ok, but you better keep your promise because the last time your kind made a trade they did not promise.
  • Hello,good sir we are here to hunt sea otter will will split some with you as a way to say thank you.
  • You promise us half the otter skin and you already brag most of it to your ship.
  • We will we just brought it to our ship to count how much otter skin their was so we can split it with you.
  • This is when the Russians come to make a trade for sea otter skin and chief chewy lets them but he said they will have to split it.
  • bye everyone I will find us a better place to stay at.
  • BYE!
  • Good luck
  • Bye! Good luck
  • get in quick
  • This is when Russians plan to shoot the chief of GHALAS-AT because they do not want to share the otter skin.
  • hello!
  • This is when the tribe of GHALAS-AT attacks the Russians for killing chief chowig.
  • I am sorry Karana.
  • This is when Kimki the new chief of GHALAS-AT decides to go find a safer place for the tribe of GHALAS-AT because they where worried that if the Aleuts came next summer they would need to fight them again and lose more men.
  • This is when unknown guest arrive but soon that they notice that kimki send them here to take the tribe of GHALAS-AT to the unknown island.
  • This is when Karana and Ramo get stuck on the island of The Blue Dolphins alone because Ramo forgot to get something and went back to the island but what he did not know is that they where already gone but Karana came back for him.