Catnip Saves

Updated: 7/30/2020
Catnip Saves

Storyboard Text

  • 1 Julius Cheeser gets captured after leaving post
  • 2 Julius Cheeser in jail and surrounded by Snake nation snakes
  • 3 Guard telling Catnip, Julius Cheesers brother, that Julius he has been captured
  • 4 Catnip asking friend for advice. Friend says kill the snakes, but that goes against Catnips morals
  • 5 Catnip asks different friend for advice. He says same thing.
  • 6 Catnip ask other last friend for advice to get brother back. He says same things.
  • 7 Catnip debates fighting snakes, but then thinks of a better plan than killing.
  • 8 Catnip ask birds to help him save his brother
  • 9 Catnip is nervous, but is ready to save brother
  • 10 Friends beg him to take a weapon, but he will not.
  • 11 Catnip meets birds to go off to save brother.