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PBS storyboard
Updated: 5/21/2020
PBS storyboard
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  • I am a virus, which is also a pathogen. My main job/goal is to enter your body and then stimulate an immune response.
  • First I am going to try to infiltrate through the nose of this human.
  • Mucus and nose hair are going to attempt to keep me out . They are apart of the first line of defense in the immune system and is also a non-specific defense. Skin is also apart of this first line. A specific defense, for example, would be if this body developed immunity to specific pathogens or other foreign things.
  • I'm in! Now I have to get through the 2nd line of defense.
  • The 2nd line of defense includes macrophages ,which is a phagocyte,and inflammatory response. It assists with allergic and inflammatory responses. This second line of defense also releases Histamine. Histamine is what makes blood vessles dialate near injuries.
  • The T cell is apart of the cell mediated response. It destroys infectious cells and releases perforin, which creates a hole in the cell membrane.
  • The B cell is apart of the humoral response. It creates antibodies.
  • Lastly, is the 3rd line of defense. This line includes B and T cells, which are specific types of white blood cells.They are antibodies.
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