Updated: 1/8/2021

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  • In the Island of Luzon, There was a happy family who is always enjoying the day. The children were always playing outside with a smile, bathing in a cold river from mountains, full of enjoyment.
  • Michelle Ann BatonghinogGrade 8-S
  • Until one day, there was a sad family who came home in their house. They always locked the windows tightly that no sunlight enters.
  • The children were curious on that house,when they looked up in the window, there were pale and thin children.The children were always watching the other children playing outside with the sun shines. The rich man always locked the windows and closed all the doors.
  • The rich man’s servants were cooking special foods that the happy children smelt the aroma. They always stay in the window to smell the spirit of the food. They sing, play and talk. Sometimes, they laugh out loud then the other neighbor join them and laugh at them.
  • Until the day came that the rich man filed a case to the father that he always steal the spirits of their food and wealth. Though, they end up in the court, with their family. They wait for the jury to judge them. The father had no attorney but the rich man had.
  • The father always agree to all question that they always smell the aroma of their food, but not wealth. Father told the rich man to see his children, and they came, pale and thin.
  • After that, The father stood up and get some coins to his children and wife and put them in his straw hat. Then, he walked to the rich man and sounded the coins and then he said to him if he heard the spirit of the sound, then the rich man agree and he fell down.
  • The Jury stopped the case and congratulated the father and he want to hear his children laugh. They laugh out loud but the jury laughed harder.