Hinata's Phone
Updated: 5/19/2020
Hinata's Phone

Storyboard Description

Hinata is mistreated by his step-family after his mother decides to marry another man. One day he helps a fellow other man and loses his phone during that interaction. The fellow man searches for the owner of the phone but once he does he gives them a bigger surprise.

Storyboard Text

  • You can't go to the job convention, you have to stay home and do our resumes!
  • Hinata listen to Tuski. No one is ever going to hire you!
  • I have the convention tickets on my phone...
  • They left without me! Sure thing mother, I'll go for a walk around town.
  • Sweetie, be a good boy and why don't you take a walk, to take your mind off it.
  • Thanks for the help, I'm doing this convention for job hirings, would you like to come?
  • Really? Sure thing, I just lost tickets to another convention. But I'll bee there!
  • I forgot they were here! Im sorry Kageyama, I really enjoyed myself with you.
  • Is this his phone? I have to give it him.
  • Hinata wait! Don't go now, we were just having fun, please!
  • I found you. Hinata your fingerprint unlocked the phone, it's you!
  • He's the CEO of that company and the guy running the convention!
  • Please work beside me, that day we met. I beg, for you to love me.
  • Words can't describe how I feel right now.
  • *Hinata just say that you need me*
  • *I can't care about anything but you, Kageyama. Thank you for everything you did for me!*