A Distant Land #1
Updated: 6/15/2020
A Distant Land #1
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Storyboard Text

  • It seemed like normal sunny day when the queen was hosting a conferencing meeting. She wanted to change up the kingdoms rules and make them more harsher. The citizens could only oblige to her commands.
  • A dark storm started raging outside causing everyone to start roaring in panic. The weather usually was calm and peaceful, never being frightening or dangerous. The queen tried calming everyone down and was filled with rage when no one listened to her command.
  • Stop running around!
  • She spread fear through the citizens hearts
  • She spent centuries making sure everyone listened to what she said and didn’t want a pesky storm to take that away from her. The citizens were fearing the unknown when the queen wanted them to be scared of her.
  • The storm only grew worse causing only more trouble to the kingdom. It started to blow everything away from vehicles to houses. Rain and hail flooded the streets making it harder for people to move around to escape.
  • When the queen realized the enormity of the situation it was too late. She wasn’t able to save the hundreds of lives lost and decided to run into her bunker.
  • The storm continued raging on for years and the queen didn’t do anything. Outside the bunker people were cold and tired thinking their queen was dead when she was just hiding.
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