Romeo and Juliet act ll

Updated: 2/19/2019
Romeo and Juliet act ll

Storyboard Text

  • after the party Romeo couldn't stop thinking about Juliet so he showed up at her balcony where she was also thinking outloud about how strongly she felt about him.
  • the maid comes and Romeo has to escape so they share an intimate moment and he quickly climbs down and leaves after they both promised eachother that the love they share is deep
  • Romeo goes to the priest and tells him how he already got over rosaline and is now deeply inlove with a girl named juliet so the priest suggests him to marry Juliet and he agrees and goes meet the nurse to inform her about Juliets wedding
  • the nurse meets Romeo and he tells her about how the priest is about to marry her and she is shocked and happy so she goes back to inform juliet.
  • when the nurse gets home and tells Juliet and then juliet gets really exited and they both head to wear Romeo told the nurse
  • whn they get ther Romeo is already waiting and after reciting their feelings forl eachother priest Friar marries them hoping to end the fight between both o their families.