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Updated: 8/29/2020
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  • Johnny, your grades have begun slipping. How do you think the class is going- is everything ok?
  • I don't like to ask for help.
  • What can I do at home to help him?
  • Errrrr. I'm ok.
  • I'd like to meet with your parents. I'll email them today. Please talk to them too and tell them we've had this chat.
  • Not at all! Don't worry, I'm here to help.
  • Am I in trouble?
  • Johnny's grades have slowly gone from a B+ to a C-. In class he's quieter than usual. I think he feels a little overwhelmed with the learning material and class content. Has he spoken to you about this?
  • Hmmm. He has been quiet at home too. He spends a a lot of time in his room - he says he's studying
  • Please don't worry, many students go through this. I suggest you can ask him about his studies and encourage him to do his homework somewhere you can see & help him. I will email you some resources that may help too.
  • Johnny, your last piece of homework was great! It shows you can use the words in context- well done! Did you use the extra material I gave you?
  • Thank you! It really helped me....and my Dad helped me to check over it.
  • I'm happy to say Johnny is making good progress. He seems happier in class and his grades are improving. ....so thank you for your support.
  • I will be sure to keep in touch, but please email me anytime if you have any questions or concerns.
  • I'm very happy to hear this. Thank you. Yes Johnny has told me he feels more confident doing his school work.