History Comic
Updated: 2/1/2021
History Comic

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  • Babur
  • Babur was a 13 year old who invaded India and took over what was left of the Gupta Empire. Most of the population who lived under the empire was muslim, but he forced everyone to follow the Islamic Law, his invasion brought upon the Mugal Empire.
  • This is My Empire now. I will rule. You will all follow the Islamic Law.
  • Akbars Golden age was when he brought everyone under one flag and was strong and persistent to get there. He listened to others Ideas even though he may not agree with them and the took them into consideration, which helped him lead a great empire.
  • Akbars Golden Age
  • I unified all 100 million of you by my political power and wisdom.
  • Yes! You got rid of the taxes on non-Muslims.
  • By cultural blending other cultures were adapted to other cultures which led to other Ideas, technology, art and overall a way of life. Urdu the new language is significant due to the fact that it had poetry in it which made it meaningful.
  • Akbars Art
  • I will try to expand cultural blending and take on calligraphy and art.
  • I created a language called Urdu as well.
  • Jahangir and Nur Jahan
  • Jahangir and Nur Jahan led an empire where violence was used. In order to stay at the top of the thrown Jahangir would fight and kill his family to remain in his spot. This has to do with the Sikhism because the son did something bad and got kicked out, they were going to kill him, but he was taken in by the Sikkim and because of that his parents went and killed the leader of the Siks.
  • I built this building in honer of my lovely wife who passed.
  • My wife was a great potation and when our son rebelled, she favored our other son.
  • Aurangzeb had to return to the no muslim tax due to the fact that Shah Janjan used all the money to build the Taj Maholm. This automatically made people dislike Aurangzeb fight after coming into power, he also enforced the 5 times a day prayer on all religions.
  • Aurangzeb
  • I have decided to return tot he anti-muslim tax and take the hindus away from power.
  • You can't do that! I am not muslim and don't pray 5 times a day.
  • Decline
  • Since the decline all of their resources were drained leaving them wit very little. Since Arenzeb didn’t have control it turned into a patchwork of all kingdoms called Radge. This is when Portuguese.
  • All of our money has been declined and our resources are drained.
  • There are too many rebellions.