Unknown Story
Updated: 2/2/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Maria stepped down from the carretela and said
  • As she puts her hand on my shoulder
  • You are Baldo
  • Then both the brothers thought that they should introduce Maria to their Family
  • "Maria" what a beautiful name
  • Yes, Noel.
  • You must really love Nagrebcan, Noel
  • Lets go to Nagrebcan, Maria
  • Maria
  • As they where traveling Leon asked his brother
  • Because father told me .
  • Why did we went through Waig?
  • As they where traveling to Nagrbcan, Leon and Maria were admiring the stars.
  • What if he won't like me?
  • As they arrived at the front of their home, Maria was worried that the rest of Leon's Family won't accept them
  • Leon Introduced the Maria to the family which welcomed her with open arms while Baldo walked upstairs to speak with Father
  • On the way she looked at the stars and Manong Leon sang.
  • Sky sown with stars... she sang with him.
  • What did he sing?