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Updated: 9/28/2020
storyboard 1
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  • Good morning Nelly, how are you?
  • Oh Nelly I am so sorry about your son. Our salary can barely cover our expenses.
  • I'm not well Sarah. my son needs to go for surgery but i cannot afford to pay for it with the peanuts we get paid here.
  • Our bosses are very unfair and disregard our satisfaction and rights.
  • I think we should ask our fellow colleagues about how they feel about their salaries.
  • Robert was complaining about the same thing last week. He had asked me to lend him some money for the transport fare.
  • Hey Robert, I was talking to Nelly yesterday and we have some complaints about our low salary.
  • Seeing that we are all complaining, i think that we should raise our concerns with HR.
  • We are basically being paid next to nothing here. I really think they are taking advantage of us.
  • Sarah and Nelly meeting in the corridor before their shift starts. Sarah is complaining about the low salary they are being paid.
  • Yes. I agree with you.
  • My colleagues and I have some concerns about our salaries that we would like to bring to your attention.
  • Sarah suggests that they ask other colleagues about this matter
  • Robert is frustrated that they are being taken for granted.
  • Since our complaints are not being heard by management, I think we should go on a strike.
  • Lets get all the employees together so that we can stand as a unit.
  • Robert complaining to  HR manager on behalf of his employees and himself about their low pay.
  • Robert, we have strict company policies against discussing salaries among each other.
  • Good morning Robert. How can I help you?
  • This is the only way to get their attention.
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