devil and tomwalker

Updated: 10/26/2020
devil and tomwalker

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  • greed
  • the devil/black man wants me to sale my soul for wealth i don´t know If i wanna do it.
  • who cares i think you should totally take the offer ill be good for us two.
  • greed: is an intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power,food or any desire
  • I´m just going to take the deal for myself because i don´t wanna share any wealth with you.
  • fine, I´ll go find old scratch myself 
  • after this she was never saw again
  • It's because her husband didn't wanna share
  • thank god she´s dead now i don´t gotta share my wealth with her.
  • after tom found out it was her apron tied up with her liver and heart he got happy because he knew it was his dead wife and that he didn´t have to share wealth
  • she urged her husband to comply with the blackman's terms, and secure what would make them wealthy for life. -Basically, his wife wanted tom to sell his soul for more wealth and this happened soon as tom got home but he regrets because of him wife.
  • The next evening she set off again for the swamp, with her apron heavily laden. Tom waited and waited for her, but in vain: midnight came, but she did not make her appearance: morning, noon, night returned, but still she did not come. Tom now grew uneasy for her safety, especially as he found she had carried off in her apron the silver tea-pot and spoons, and every port and spoons, and very portable article of value - so tomes wife went to go find the black man here self and she never returned and she didn´t return so tom went looking for her-
  • He looked up and beheld a bundle tied in a check apron and hanging in the branches of the tree, with a great vulture perched hard by, as if keeping watch upon it. He leaped with joy, for he recognized his wife's apron, and supposed it to contain the household valuables.-after he was searching for her he found her liver and valuables on the ground, and when he found her dead he was rather happy then ever because he can make the deal with the devil without sharing ever