horror story
Updated: 3/21/2020
horror story

Storyboard Text

  • I guess i could go.
  • Hey you guys want to go to the abandoned light house tonight.
  • Sure why not sound fun.
  • Ya and a little scary.
  • Ya a bit of both.
  • Well this should be fun.
  • Where almost there.
  • Ya like 5 more mins.
  • Oh cool.
  • Its not that creepy.
  • Its a little more creepy then i thought.
  • Here it is.
  • I dont know we should leave wasnt someone killed here
  • What was that.
  • Its fine lets check it out.
  • I dont think thats a good idea.
  • Come on its fine up here.
  • guys!!
  • No its not.Help us.