Unknown Story

Updated: 9/12/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Davon Clark a student at Penn State university just got out of class when he saw is girlfriend has blown his phone up with calls and texts asking him why he was on tender.
  • Davon told his girlfriend that wasnt him and that was another Davon Clark that also goes to penn state and has the same hobbies as him.
  • to:vvfji@gmail.comthanks can't wait to get to work
  • Davon Clark started to noticed on tv the other Davon started to do bad tings but he just paid it no mind. until people thought it was him.
  • He started getting mad because cops and people thought he was the Davon that was doing all the bad things like stealing and assault.
  • Davon got tired of all the people with his name doing bad so he got a job and mad sure people knew he was going to be a good Davon and not end up in jail or doing bad things like the other Davon's
  • Davon Clark started to do good for himself so he didn't end up like the other Davon so he got a job and made sure everyone knew who he was but in a good way.